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about me


I was born and raised in the Midwest.  My interests in art  began while attending art classes at the local art museum as a part of my pre-school curriculum.   From that point on, I have been fascinated with different mediums of expression, particularly animation.

But the journey to studying art took a bit of a scenic route.  

In college, I studied Marketing where I  cultivated my communication skills through countless papers and presentations.  During my studies I also learned to appreciate operations management, risk analysis and getting the best returns on one's investments.

Shortly after graduating, I began to travel throughout the world.  It was during my stint overseas that I began to formally study animation.  I learned the process from conceptualizing projects on paper  to  seeing them come to fruition on the computer.  The thirst for knowledge and perfecting these skills continued as I returned to the US.  

The art educational experiences have given me the best of both worlds.  I have enjoyed the challenge of adapting to new environments and the cultures that go along with them.   I believe it has influenced me personally as well as artistically.

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